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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have basic classes, advanced classes and also host a variety of Bonsai study groups which include continuing education and maintenance of your Bonsai. You can visit our Events tab for more details.

We currently do not sell Bonsai online but plan to in the very near future. You can contact us directly with specific needs or visit one of our two locations in Mumbai by appointment.

You can always visit us or call us with any questions. You can also chat with us on Whatsapp support using the option on our website.

We provide professional house visits to maintain your Bonsais, bi-monthly, semi-annually or yearly. You can contact us for more details.


Yes! We have partnered with various corporations to provide large scale orders. We typically need a 2-3 week time-frame from order to delivery and build a package based on your needs and budget. Contact us for more details!

Our plants are our babies and we will 100% be committed in helping you keep it healthy and thriving.