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Rupa and Sujay Shah from Mumbai have been involved with nature and promoting the green revolution since more than 25 years. The popular Bonsai artist couple set up Ssurup in the outskirts of Mumbai in Panvel, nurturing Bonsai and Exotic plants.

Spread over 4 acres, Ssurup is a treasure house of large variety of Bonsai, Bamboos, Lilies, Water Lilies, Water plants, Lotus, Grasses and Mosses, Palms, Orchids, and the single largest collection of Bonsai in this part of the world. It has over 500 varieties of rare and unique Bonsais, kept meticulously in order of varieties, size and its stage of growth. It is not only a sight to behold but an exercise in the three R’s – Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. Ssurup has regularly hosted masters from Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Thailand and the Americas to host workshops and be continually enriched with the latest techniques and styles. Rupa and Sujay Shah also represent India at the international level at Global Bonsai Conventions in Puerto Rico, Vietnam and Indonesia, China, Thailand and Taiwan.

Plants are the most inexpensive & beautiful way to give your home and office a fresh spruce. What’s more, it is proven that plants reduce stress and increase efficiency. The invisible advantages of growing plants are not well publicized. Today’s urban life is full of stress and a few creative moments spent in upkeep and maintenance of plants take away one’s mind from anxiety.

It’s Ssurup’s mission to be the source that bridges the gap between the urban society and the vast bounty of nature, offering products, services and experiences that fit with your needs, lifestyle, and budget.


“A bonsai isn’t you working on the tree, You’ve got to let the tree work on you”