Surup 1:1 Bonsai Immersion Programme

Surup 1:1 Bonsai Immersion Programme

Description: A thorough 1 day session experience for those who wish to learn all the fundamentals of bonsai. This class includes the extensive principles of successfully growing, maintaining and styling your bonsai indoors and outdoors. Demonstration and hands-on experience with individual instruction to create their bonsai.

What is included 


•Use of Surup bonsai tools

•Use of material like plants, pots, wire, and accessories during the class. These materials will also be available for sale.


•Introduction to Bonsai philosophy, Material required, Maintenance, styles.

•Demonstration or selection of tree, pot, soil, wire, accessories and tools

•Demonstration of basic styles, trimming, wiring and potting.

•Practical class by explaining all previous class concepts

•Maintenance routine

•Practical class of making different variations in style and all techniques like wiring Pruning potting etc

•Complimentary lifetime consultation for queries on what you learnt via Whatsapp

•Basic notes on bonsai


Duration: 1 day: 6 hrs 

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