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Desmodium - Large Leaf Variety, Formal Style Twin Trunk

Desmodium - Large Leaf Variety, Formal Style Twin Trunk

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Desmodiums are plants from the pea family. They are especially valued by Bonsai growers for their small, neat foliage and bright flowers. Desmodiums make great beginner plants as well, because they need little attention and grow quite vigorously without the need for much feeding. Not a very picky plant, and make for very charming Bonsais.

Interesting: Desmodiums are useful as they repel insect pests quite effectively. they are also useful as living mulch and as green manure, as they are able to improve soil fertility via nitrogen fixation.


Light: They can grow in full sun or partial shade.When there is a lack of lighting, shoots stretch, with excess – the leaves turn yellow and twist.

Water: They prefer soil that is moist to dry, so good drainage is a must. That said, these plants tolerate drought well, so water until established and then leave them alone. Keep soil moist during the summer.


Approx 33 cms ( Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate by season so all measurements are approximate)

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