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Fukien tea - Formal Style

Fukien tea - Formal Style

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Ehretia microphylla or Fukien tea is a tropical evergreen shrub originating from southern China. This plant works particularly well as a mini bonsai, but is also a great houseplant because it appreciates warm temps in the winter months making it a perfect choice for anyone living in a place with a warm climate.
Delicate white blossoms bloom almost year round and small dark green leaves are shiny with little white dots on the surfaces which are often mistaken for insect infestations. The trunk has wonderful brownish red bark which contrasts beautifully with the dark green of its leaves.

Interesting: The leaves are used in the treatment of cough, diarrhoea, colic, and dysentery. The root is an antidote to plant-based poisoning and is used against haemorrhage and for cleaning the body after giving birth.


Light: The Fukien Tea does not like direct midday sunlight as it is likely to dry out easily under those conditions, but will do well in a bright window. If you do take it outdoors in the summer, find a partially shaded spot where it will be protected from scorching.
Water: The Fukien Tea Bonsai must be kept moderately moist and will shrivel easily or simply stop growing if the root ball is permitted to dry out completely. Individuals that travel a lot, or who are prone to neglect watering will not do well with this plant as it prefers more attentiveness. Soaking is a fine way to deal with a dry root ball, but the best way to water this tree is with a watering can from the top until there is run off at the bottom. 


Approx 23 cms ( Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate by season so all measurements are approximate)

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