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Podocarpus - Formal Style

Podocarpus - Formal Style

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This Bonsai is a mature tree in a ceramic pot sourced from Taiwan. Podocarpus is a genus of coniferous evergreen shrubs and trees, prized for their leathery, dense green foliage. Old Podocarpus bonsai are impressive with their stately elegance.  New needles start in a light green color that turns darker with age. Some varieties even have striking reddish needles that turn green as they mature. A truly hardy and easy to grow variety, Podocarpus are a favourite amongst Bonsai enthusiasts throughout the world, and one of the few temperate plants that can adapt well to tropical climates.

INTERESTING: Also called "Pine of the buddhists", this plant is believed to bring good luck in China and other east asian countries with buddhist influence.
- Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate by season so all


Light:  Grows well in a well lit spot, though it will tolerate low light conditions.
Water: Likes slightly moist soil. its root ball must not be allowed to dry out, but be sure to provide adequate drainage. The small leathery leaves of the Podocarpus will not lose much water from transpiration which makes it important to avoid overwatering this plant.


Approx 60 cms ( Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate by season so all measurements are approximate)

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