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Statement: Casuarina equisetifolia - Large Informal

Statement: Casuarina equisetifolia - Large Informal

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Commonly called Australian pine tree, Whistling pine tree or Agoho pine. This species is native to Southeast Asia and northern Australia. They are large, fast-growing monoecious evergreen trees that reach 30 meters in height. The foliage is made up of thin green branches with tiny scaly leaves. They produce male flowers on spikes and female flowers with short peduncles. The fruits are woody and oval.They are used as isolated specimens, to fix nitrogen in the soil, fix sandy areas and to create barriers by the sea. 


These plants can absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere just like leguminous plants can.


Light: Casuarina equisetifolia needs full sun exposure and warm temperatures. Resists occasional and light frosts.

Water: regularly, waiting for the substrate to be almost dry. 


Approx 92 cms ( Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate by season so all measurements are approximate)


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